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Do I need to Take the Chemistry Placement Exam?

To help you determine if you need to take the Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE), please review the information below and follow the link that corresponds to the college into which you have been admitted.

Follow the appropriate link below to determine if the Chemistry Placement Exam is required for your major (or intended major).


  1. If you need CH 101 at any time during your first year at NC State (including Spring semester), you need to take the CPE.
  2. If you are currently in an undeclared major, look at the major(s) that you are considering to determine if the CPE is required.
  3. If you are considering a career path that includes pre-health professions (pre-med, pre-dental, etc.), you should take the CPE.
  4. If the exam is not required for your major but you anticipate wanting or needing to take CH 101 while at NC State (e.g. for a second major or a minor), you should go ahead and take the Chemistry Placement Exam.
  5. If you have questions regarding whether you need to take the CPE, you should contact your college. (contact information is available on the college pages listed above)
  6. Detailed information about the CPE, including how to take the exam, is available at